Styles & Pricing Information
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Below are the 3 styles of halter; The Basic, The Beaded, and The Bitted.

Each style comes as a complete matching set; halter with throatlatch, chin strap, and lead line.

Each set includes 3 tassels within the design (unless you request that they all be removed), two below the throatlatch and one on the handgrip end of the lead line.

Each set comes finished with your choice of up to 3 of 21 colors of WireWrap free.


For wirewrap combinations using more than 3 colors, add $9, as this can take many extra hours of hand-work. The results can be spectacular, however!

Each style (including The Basic) may be ordered with a pair of semi-precious stone conchos and/or concho beads, see Bead Chart for prices. (The concho beads are smaller stone pieces used either alone, with tassels, or to compliment/accent the larger conchos.)

For a set of extra removable side tassels for the concho area, add $9. This is a very dressy touch, ideal for Most Classic and Classic Head competition or photo sessions, and still conservative enough for regular Halter classes.
(The Silver Grey Basic, photo below, shows the optional side tassels, which attach at the "concho" area at the top of the throatlatch. The tassels are actually quite conservative when viewed on the horse, see second photo below.)

Browbands may be ordered (add $9) in 2 non-removable styles: a straight solid English style, or a slightly adjustable Western/Arab style with two small tassels in the center.

(HINT: If you think that you may want the tassels or browband, make sure to order them with your halter so they match, as many of our colors are individually hand-dyed!)

Hand-cut semi-precious stone beadwork is custom made for each Beaded halter, which can also be made in the Bitted style.

Native Costume: contact us if you need an authentic bridle made to match a costume!

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Style 1: The "Basic"
Halters With No Beadwork
$119 retail.
Basic halters will be shipped to you in approximately 2-4 weeks,
or slightly longer for halters with semi-precious stone conchos.

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Above is an example of a Basic Silver Grey halter with silver and black wirewrap, and extra removeable side tassles laced with Czechoslovakian crystals. Price for halter as shown; $128. To better view the actual color, the same halter on the beautiful mare Lady Synquest, is shown below.
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Photo credit - Thanks, Susie!

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Style 2: The "Beaded"
Halters with Beadwork

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The above photo has been retouched to demonstrate the appearance of a Beaded Charcoal Black halter with purple (such as charoite, sugalite, or dyed agate) and obsidian stone beadwork and double conchos (no side tassles), with silver and deep purple wirewrap.
Priced as shown, in charoite; $359.
Priced as shown, in dyed agate; $259.

The base price for a complete Beaded halter and lead
combo, with hand-cut stones, is

$209 retail.
*The costs of the semi-precious gemstones you choose
for the beads are added to this amount.

The gemstones to be cut for your beadwork do require an advance deposit, as marked. All deposits for stones are non-refundable, but of course the deposits are credited toward the total price of the halter. The balance is due upon completion (your Beaded halter will be ready to be shipped to you in approx 6-8 weeks - there is a lot of labor involved), and we ship your halter within 2 working days of receiving payment in full.

Please see the exact pricing details below the photo and description of each type of stone ("color" links below) or on the Beadwork Pricing Chart. Add this amount to the $209 base price. This is the cost which covers the actual market prices of the semi-precious stone roughs before cutting, and is subject to constant changes as the market and supply varies. (We cannot control this factor! Posted prices are valid as of 1-1-2005.) Current prices must be verified at time of ordering.

Example of how to determine total price of custom Beaded halter

If you wanted a halter like the one pictured above:
Charcoal Black halter, with
4 Dyed-Purple Agate highlighting beads,
Rainbow Obsidian accent bead set, and
wire-wrap in silver, gold, and purple, the costs would be;

Beaded halter              $209
Agate set                       $10
Rainbow Obsidian         $20
Total price                    $239
Deposit                          $10
Balance                        $229

Also, if you wanted to have the option of making your halter elaborate when the ocassion calls for it, with matching obsidian conchos, each with an agate center bead and removable tassels, add;

$15   for obsidian conchos and
$5   for agate concho beads and
$9   for removable tassels for the conchos, for a
$29 subtotal added to the above.

Bead Pricing Chart
Click here to see the quick reference chart for pricing stones.

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Style 3: The "Bitted"
Show Halter with Bit

We don't have any photos scanned to show you, but you can order either the Basic or the Beaded halter set in an adjustable Bitted style for an additional $18.

That price includes a 5" straight-mouth stainless steel bridoon/overcheck style bit, with very small rings for a sleek look. It comes complete with a chin strap; however, if more severe control is needed, a standard show-lead chain should fit nicely through the bit rings. If you prefer to supply your own bit, please add only $9 to the total price instead of $18, and mail us the bit with your Order Form. The bit will not be removable once the headstall is finished.

You can also choose whether or not you want the Bitted halter to have a noseband. If so, it is critical for your measurements to be accurate, as the noseband is neither removable nor adjustable. You may prefer a very minimal look with no noseband at all, especially if your horse has a nice deeply-dished face. Having no noseband also allows more versatility, as the halter should fit any horse of similar size rather than possibly fitting only the one for which it was measured and made; the downside is that on some horses it may twist if they fight the lead (our chinstrap is designed to minimize this). Please note: if you order the noseband-free style, and after trying it you decide that it will not work safely on your horse, you can send it back to us with $5 for return postage, and we will add a noseband for you, no charge. We want you and your horse to be both safe and happy with your halter.

Noseband-free styles may opt for small tassels on the cheekpiece (part-way up the sides of the halter, built-in and subtle in appearance) for no extra charge if a more authentic "Arab" look is desired.

Of course, the usual options for removable side tassels and non-removable browband also apply to the Bitted style. If you wish, your lead line can also be designed to double as reins.

If you have a Native Costume which needs an authentic headstall, we can custom dye-match a bridle to your costume for the same price as a Bitted halter and lead.

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Order Form
Here is what you need to tell us...

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Please contact us for wholesale information.
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Billing & Shipping

Inside the united States, we will generally use Priority Mail, and charge $7 for shipping and handling. If the buyer desires other shipping, with different charges, that would be arranged individually. Payment is easy; we accept most major credit and debit cards through PayPal. Personal checks (we ship as soon as they clear), and money orders are also accepted, see bottom of Order Form for details.

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