Order Form

This is NOT a cgi (interface) form. This form can be printed out, answers circled or written in, and faxed or mailed to us; or, it can be copied into an email, and then just delete all of the answers except the choices you want, and type in answers where applicable.

    Choose the color of your halter (pick one):

    Charcoal Black
    Silver Grey
    Denim Blue
    Jade Green
    Brick Red
    Chestnut Brown
    Spruce Teal
    Royal Purple
    Lavendar Ice
    Wheat Gold
    Custom - (describe it or send us a sample.)

    Choose the color(s) of wirewrap finishing:
    (up to 3 colors are free, more than 3 please add $9)

    Soft White     Silver         Gold               Copper

    Orange         Red                Neon Pink      Fuschia

    Burgundy      Neon Grape    Dark Purple      Periwinkle

    Dark Blue          Neon Blue            Aqua        Seafoam

    Moss Green       Emerald Green        Teal          Brown

    Jet Black          (none)


   A.  Do you want your halter made with the standard 3 tassels built in,
       under the throatlatch and at the end of the leadline?

       Yes  (no extra charge)
       No   - please remove all tassels from the design.

   B.  Do you want your tassels 2-toned?

       Yes  (no extra charge)
       No   - keep tassels one solid color, same as halter.

        If yes, specify second color (from 1. Halter Colors above):


   C.  Do you want matching removable side tassels?

       Yes  (adds $9)

4.  SIZE    What size halter do you need?
                (note - halter is adjustable within its size range)

    Larger Arab
    Standard Arab
    Small Arab  (1 yr old,  2 yr old)
    Weanling Arab
    Special - please specify; _________________________

   Do you want a (non-removable) browband on your halter?

    Yes  (adds $9) - please select style:
              a.   Solid, straight.
              b.   Slightly adjustable, with small tassels in center.

   Do you prefer a bitted halter?

    Yes   - please select style:
              a.   with non-removable noseband (need precise measurements).
              b.   with no noseband (one can be added later if needed).
                   With noseband-free style, do you want small cheekpiece tassels? (free)  Yes  No
              c.   Type of bit;
                  Ours (adds $18) - 5" straight overcheck (tiny side rings), stainless steel.
                  Yours (adds $9) - please mail us the bit you want used (not removable).

   Do you want semi-precious stone beadwork or conchos on your halter?

    No   - you are finished choosing your Basic halter.

    Conchos only   - select stone(s) for conchos (and/or concho beads),
             subtotal the price from bead chart, add to Basic halter price
              (on 8. "Semi-precious stone costs" line) below.

             Choose stone for conchos:__________________

             Stone for concho beads:__________________

    Yes   - please select your stone(s), and locate them on the bead chart,
             then choose the size of beadwork sets/conchos,
             subtotal the costs, and add to Beaded halter price
              (on 8. "Semi-precious stone costs" line) below.

             Choose stone for conchos:__________________

             Stone for concho beads:__________________

             Primary stone for beadwork:__________________

             Number of beads in primary set:__________________

             Secondary accent stone(s) for beadwork:____________________________
              (You may choose as many accent bead sets to add to the halter as you want;
              please specify stones and add the cost of each accent set to the subtotal.)

   Item:                              Retail:                   Your Order:

   Basic halter set          $119.00               $_______________

   Wirewrap (over 3 colors)   9.00                   _______________

   Extra side tassels              9.00                    _______________

   Bitted style (our bit)         18.00                     _______________

   Bitted style (your bit)         9.00                    _______________

   Beaded halter set*       209.00                 _______________

   *Semi-precious stone costs                                    _______________
      (subtotal from (7.) above, must be quoted/confirmed at time of order to be current)

   Subtotal                                                                   _______________

   Sales tax if applicable (WA buyers add 7.4%)        _______________

   Shipping inside United States (call for other)          _________7.00__

   Deposit, if any, prepaid for stones                          (______________)

   Total                                                                        $_______________
     (payment and/or stone deposit must accompany order)

  Tell us where to ship your halter, and how to contact you (this information will NOT be sold or disclosed to anyone):




      State, Zip;_____________________________________

      Your phone/fax;_____________________________________

      Your email;_____________________________________

      Who referred you to us? (Important - please give their name, as they may be saving up bonus credits for a free halter from us - ask us how you can do the same!) Or, how exactly did you find our website?


      "The LOOK"
(Optional) Please describe your horse (exact coat and mane color, white markings, dark or black points, size/shape/color of eyes, amount of dark/pink skin on face, type and shape of head & neck, tell us what you ideally want from the halter, etc.); send photos of your horse if possible. If this halter will be for multiple horses, describe the effect you want. This helps us give you exactly the right style of wirewrap, etc, to best compliment your horse. This is also a good place to mention any special instructions or requests:




If you plan to use this halter to show in a "Most Classic" or "Most Classic Head" class, would you like us to contact you about special options?   Yes   No

Note: contact us if you need a Native Costume bridle designed.
We can custom-dye to match almost any costume!

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Contact Info & Payment Options

Our mailing address is:

Highlander Enterprises
11 Highlander Way
Goldendale, WA 98620

Our phone number is:


For credit or debit card users, our PayPal account is:


Personal checks or money orders should be made out to:

Lorri Carr

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Thank you for your order!

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