Mixed-Color Gemstones

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Under construction, please be patient!
We have dozens of spectacular mixed color stones, email us to see if we have colors and patterns which you would like.

Email me for more options and photos!
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Links to pages of gemstones by color: 
BlackGemsgemblack.jpg - 14224 Bytes   PurpleGemsgemamethyst.jpg - 11443 Bytes   BlueGemsgemblue.jpg - 14224 Bytes   TurquoiseGemsgemturq.jpg - 14224 Bytes   GreenGemsgemgreen.jpg - 14224 Bytes   YellowGemsgemtopaz.jpg - 14224 Bytes   Red-PinkGemsgemred.jpg - 14224 Bytes   WhiteGemsgemwhite.jpg - 14224 Bytes

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