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Halter colors include:

Silver Grey
Charcoal Black
Chestnut Brown
Brick Red
Royal Purple
Denim Blue
Spruce Teal
Jade Green

These are the colors of the fine cordage used to splice the halters, so will be the primary color of your finished halter and lead. There is no extra charge for making your tassels 2-toned, with another color of cordage buried inside the primary color (you can ask for this whether you opt for the extra side tassels, or for only the standard 3 tassels which are normally built in).

The manufacturer's strength rating on the Silver Grey (or any special custom color created by dyeing it) is approximately 1,800 pounds, and the cordage is very silky and slightly luminous. The other colors of cordage are somewhat stiffer in texture, but have a incredible strength rating of approximately 2,800 pounds. The rings we use are solid welded stainless steel, silver color only, non-tarnishing and dainty-looking, and every bit as strong as the rest of the halter at approximately 2,000 pounds; they should never "break" like other rings often do, they would likely bend into ovals instead.

Don't see your color? Send us a sample, and we can probably match it! These headstalls (bitted style) make the greatest Native Costume bridles....

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WireWrap Options

You may choose up to 3 colors of wirewrap to finish and decorate your halter and lead set for no extra charge. The wirewrap can be left entirely off of the Basic halter, but we do not really recommend that (and it is a necessary part of the design for the Beaded halter). You can choose the colors you want, or we would be happy to consult with you to pick the best colors to compliment your horse. These 21 colors are available:
(all of them, except the shiny black, have a metallic sheen to them)

Silver     Gold     Copper
Orange     Red     NeonPink     Fuschia
Magenta     DarkPurple     DarkBlue     Neon Blue
Aqua     Teal     Seafoam     LightGreen
Green     Brown     Black
New colors: Periwinkle, Neon Grape, Matte White

Please add $9 to your total if you want more than 3 colors, as it takes many hours to complete all of the detail work of finishing a halter with that many colors of wire, although the results are well worth the effort.

HINTS: The best results with 3 colors are usually obtained by using one "metal" (silver, gold, or copper), one "contrasting" color which is very different from the halter color, and one "complimentary" color which is similar to the halter or perhaps similar to your horse. The best results with 2 colors are obtained with one metal and one contrasting or dark color. If you want only one color, choose either a metal or a color which will stand out clearly against your halter, unless you are trying to match the horse and make the entire halter vanish.

Think about how the colors will look side-by-side along with the color of your halter (and horse). Have fun, and don't worry about making a "mistake"; if for any reason we think that there may be a way to improve the color choices, we will contact you to confirm before completing your halter.

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Semi-Precious Gemstones
for handcrafted beadwork on halters

Prices quoted on these gemstone pages are for the purpose of closely estimating the costs of your Beaded halter, and are all subject to change depending on market availability of rough stones.

We have sorted the stones by color. Click on a basic color, which you would like to have included as beads on your halter, to see photos and descriptions of the various gemstones.

/gemblack.jpg - 14224 Bytes Black         /gemwhite.jpg - 16518 Bytes White
/gemamethyst.jpg - 11443 Bytes Purple         /gemblue.jpg - 16518 Bytes Blue
/gemturq.jpg - 16518 Bytes Turquoise        /gemgreen.jpg - 16518 Bytes Green
/gemtopaz.jpg - 16518 Bytes Yellow        /gemred.jpg - 16518 Bytes Red-Pink
/gemmix.jpg - 16518 Bytes MixedColor

For a quick reference guide (no photos) to the stones (all colors) which are available and the prices for the beads you want (by type of stone and number of beads), see our Beadwork Price Chart.

Please see the Styles page to see more available options, and for explanation of how to calculate the total price on the customized halter you want made!

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