Custom Handmade Arabian Show Halters

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Suitable for all levels of the show ring and for professional photos, these delicate-looking halters are as strong as they are elegant. Smoothly spliced, not "tied" or clamped, with solid stainless steel rings, they have a strength rating of approximately 2,800 pounds. These halters are washable, very easily adjustable, comfortable, and offer effective control.

The Laurali Halter

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Shown here in Charcoal Black with simple gold wirewrap on stallion Lauverus.

These halters can be ordered the way you want them, either plain and simple, or elaborate with custom semi-precious stone beadwork (hand cut and polished stones, not machine-made beads), and various styles in between.

The throatlatch and lead line both end in very tasteful tassles. Extra tassles can be added, or all tassles eliminated. The entire set is finished with wirewrap in your choice of 21 colors for no extra charge. Wirewrap adds a sparkling metallic look similar to filigreed ferrules.

Available colors include Charcoal Black, Chestnut Brown, Denim Blue, Jade Green, Brick Red, Royal Purple, Spruce Teal, and a fine silky pale Silver Grey which almost disappears on a grey horse. To see some examples, click PlainSilverHalter, or with silver and black wirewrap see the beautiful mare Lady Synquest. We can also custom-dye most colors for you, including creating authentic bridles to match your Native Costumes!

Semi-precious stone beads and conchoes vary greatly in price, and must be quoted by the current market, but come in an almost limitless variety to compliment your choice of halter color.

These are made as complete matching sets, including a nice long lead line decorated (or not) the same as the halter, with no extra accessories to buy. The chinstrap is removable so that you can use a chain or chin-bar instead if you wish. Bridles and bitted halters may also be ordered.

You will not find another halter this flattering and classy for anywhere near this price, if at all!

Complete sets, ready for the show ring, start as low as only
This price is far below the cost of other halters, which require the purchase of additional accessories in order to function.

Special Limited-time Offer on Beaded Halters!

*** Handmade entirely in America ***

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Semi-Precious Gemstone Beads to your show halter!

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